Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Giant Catfish - Fishing Video

The catfish we get here in Australia can get big, but nothing like the sizes of the giant catfish caught in other locations around the world. Our catfish even have poisonous spines that can kill you which means that Australians like catching catfish about as much as catching a cold. However, since writing this blog, I have come to realize that catfish are a prized catch in certain parts of the world and if you are in any doubt as to why then just watch the fight from the catfish in the video!

I have written about catfish before such as the biggest catfish ever caught, catfish noodling video and night fishing for catfish as well as the strange story of the catfish that swallowed the basketball. As this is my fifth catfish post I decided to try and find a really interesting video of a giant catfish to mark the occasion. This video of a guy catching an awesome giant catfish and is well worth a watch. This huge fish puts up a strong fight (take a look at the bend in that rod) and it was really great to see it released after capture. Enjoy!