Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Night Fishing For Catfish

Catfish seem to be on my mind lately (see the biggest catfish ever caught post) and this post is no different.

Night fishing for catfish

Catfish were once strictly a night time angling target exclusively, but day time fishing has become a much more popular method for catching these great fish. However, there are many reasons to go night fishing including;

  • The water to too clear.
  • It is too hot during the day.
  • Too many anglers and "pleasure craft" on the water during the day.
  • Catfish (and other fish for that matter) will often be more willing to feed at night.
  • The bigger catfish are consistently caught at nighttime!
To catch catfish at night try following the tips below;
  • Try to be quiet catfish don’t have the best vision, but they are sensitive to noise.
  • Try a big smelly bait to give the catfish the best chance of finding your bait - try shad, fresh fish fillets, chicken livers even hot dogs will work.
  • Use a rig with the hook on the bottom (this is where the catfish are looking for food).
  • Try not to shine your light in the water - this can scare the catfish.
  • If you are fishing a river try working the pools below the damn where the bait fish will be schooling.
Good Luck - hopefully you will catch a big catfish like the one in the video