Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Portable fish finder

Portable fish finder

Portable fish finders are designed to do the same job as a regular fish finder with the added benefit of being portable.

Choosing a portable fish finder

In certain situations portable fish finders are preferable over fixed fish finders. Portable fish finders can be used from land based situations (like ice fishing), in hire boats and in any other situations where portability is required.

Castable transducers – These portable fish finders are fantastic from shore as you can attach the transducer to your line and cast it to the area you will fish to assess depth and structure (as well as fish). This type of portable fish finder is also very useful from a boat and you can cast the transducer into snags and shallow areas to check out the area without moving the boat into position, which can scare the fish.

Suction cup transducers – This type of portable fish finder is fantastic for people who fish out of hire boats. This works exactly as it sounds and the transducer is mounted on a suction cup that sticks to the back of the boat. It is easy to attach before you start your days fishing and is just as easily removed after the session.

Ice fishing portable fish finders – These portable fish finders are made especially for getting the sounders signal through the ice. They are becoming more and more sophisticated and most ice anglers don't leave home without one.

Advantages of portable fish finders

  • Portability
  • Light Weight
  • Provides fish finding ability when none would usually be available.

Disadvantages of portable fish finders

  • Usually lower power (less depth finding power)
  • Usually lower definition (lower pixel count)
  • Need to remember to recharge the battery


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