Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to catch lobster

I have written a few "how to" posts before, but I think I need to write them more often.

How to catch lobster
There are probably only two viable ways for recreational anglers to catch lobster. The first method is to dive for lobster, either free dive or with scuba, and the second is to use a lobster trap or pot. Commercially lobster traps are the most widely used as they can lout out many hundreds of traps, but in the recreational fishery most people find diving for their lobster more rewarding and often more productive.

Diving for lobster
Before you begin any form of lobster fishing you need to make sure that you have all the appropriate licenses and familiarize yourself with the size and possession rules regarding the species you are targeting.

When diving for lobster you will need the following

  • A tickle stick and a net OR a lobster snare
  • Heavy gloves (lobsters are spiny!)
  • A catch bag (to store the lobster)
  • Snorkeling OR Scuba gear
  • A permit!
Finding the lobster
This is probably the hardest part of lobster fishing, but you can follow a couple of simple tips to help you.
  • Lobsters live in almost any rocky environment that gives them adequate cover. Almost any rocky reef with boulders will do. In the day they hide in crevices, caves and under ledges.
  • To find the lobster look for tips of their antenna, or their legs sticking out from cover. Also look under ledges or boulders which they use for cover during the day.
Techniques for catching lobster
I found these two great videos which show the proper techniques perfectly


Anonymous said...

I never thought of diving for lobster. It sounds a bit like work to me. Although the lobster would be really fresh, so that's a plus.

All in all, I think I'd prefer to just go to a seafood restaurant.

Tom said...

I didn't realize how popular diving for lobster was in certain parts of the world. Fresh lobster must be worth all the effort!

Thanks for the comment.