Sunday, April 6, 2008

Best bait for crabs

Best bait for crabs

I know a few really serious crab anglers who guard their secret crab bait or concoction with their life. I have even heard of serious fights between crab anglers over which crab bait is better than the other and it all seems a bit silly really.

To understand what makes a top quality crab bait you need to understand the feeding habits of crabs and, in particular, what actually makes up their main diet. I have recently written a post titled what do crabs eat, which might be a good place to start. For those that want to skip ahead without reading the main points are that crabs feed mainly on plant matter and alive or fresh dead animal matter. That doesn't mean you should start adding dead wood to your crab nets just yet though! Contrary to popular belief crabs are not more attracted to rotting fish because of the smell and fresh bait is always a better choice. Adding tuna oil will help to attract the crab to the area.

Top crab baits include

  • Fresh fish (whole or carcus)
  • Fresh chicken pieces (these can also be spiced up with tuna oil)
  • Tin of tuna with some holes punched in the top (this is not quite as effective, but is very convenient and not as messy)

Other strange crab baits

I tend to stick with the more traditional baits, but some crab anglers swear by these strange and unusual baits.

  • Dog food tin with holes punched into the can
  • Unscented soap (not recommended)
  • Dry dog food rings