Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fishing Knots: Centauri Knot

I am always going on about taking the time to learn good quality fishing knots. I believe learning to tie solid knots will improve your fishing almost more than any other factor and I wish someone had told me the importance of great knots earlier in my fishing life (I leaned the hard way!)

The Centauri knot is another high quality, strong and easy to tie knot that every angler should know. It is an extremely versatile knot and can be tied in a wide range of line strengths, line types (including braid with increased wraps) and diameters while retaining up to 90% of the breaking strain. This knot is highly regarded because it produces very little friction and does not distort the line.

How to tie a Centauri knot
Follow this animated video to guide you.

Remember to lubricate the line with saliva before tightening.