Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Heli Fishing (Helicopter Fishing)

Traditionally heli fishing is about using a helicopter to get to remote locations that not many people fish. People who have undertaken this type of fishing tell stories of some of the best fishing and remote locations on the planet. Some heli fishing operations are set up exclusively for fishing, but many anglers simply hire a helicopter and pilot for the day. The second option will only work if you know exactly where you want to fish as only the specialist heli fishing operations will take you to the hot spots they have already found.

Advantages of helicopter fishing

  • Fish almost untouched locations.
  • Get to remote locations in comfort.
  • Superb views from the helicopter.
Disadvantages of helicopter fishing
  • Cost - it can be very expensive (get a group of mates together and split the cost!).
  • Generally heli fishing charters are shorter than a mothership based charter.
If cost is really a problem for you then you should check out this video below. It is heli fishing with a difference and is absolutely hilarious! A must watch video!


Lets Catch Reel Big Fish said...

I've never went on a heli fishing adventure before, but I can imagine how much fun it would be. I have gone on a Fly-In Fishing trip and it was a great trip. The video was cute. I like your site. Keep up the good work.