Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to catch trout

Trout fishing was one of my favorite pastimes until I made the move to tropical Australia where the only trout fishing available is coral trout on the tropical saltwater reefs (not that I am complaining though!)

There are a few species of trout that are caught recreationally, but the most important recreational trout species would be the rainbow and brown trout. Both species grow big, fight hard and take flies, which makes fly fishing the most popular form of targeting these magnificent fish.

Fly fishing for trout
There is much written on the subject of fly fishing for trout so I wont go much further into the area. Basically fly fishing for trout has been around almost as long as the trout itself and is not only a traditional method of catching these fish, but can be great fun too! The basic premise of fly fishing is to present a recreation of the natural food the trout are eating in fly form to entice them to bite.

Other forms of trout fishing
While dedicated fly anglers may find this sacrilegious, there are many other ways to catch trout and some can even be more successful than fly fishing at times. Many anglers use natural baits to catch trout (either under a float or on the bottom) and there is a growing number of anglers using soft rubber baits and hard body lures.

Whichever method you decide to use the pursuit of these wonderful fish will take you to some of the best locations in the world with the awesome scenery you are unlikely to forget!


Lets Catch Reel Big Fish said...

I've fished for Trout close to where I live. (Ont.)I also fished with fly rods and spinner baits. I caught some nice Cutthroat Trout in some nice streams in Alberta close to the mountains. It was great.

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment.

I hadn't thought of using spinnerbaits for trout before!

Rainbow Trout Guy said...

I like to use small jigs (1/32 oz) with a two inch berkley power minnow. The current will pull the lure downstream and trout will hammer the lure.