Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black Drum Fishing Video

The black drum is very similar to one of the famous fish we catch where I come from (Australia for the new readers out there) so I have a bit of a connection with these great fish. They fight hard, grow big and taste great (in the smaller sizes) so it is little wonder they have a small, but dedicated following.

The black drum gets its name from the weird sound it can produce and from its black color (obviously). They are capable of producing tones to 501 khz as a mating call.

World record black drum
The biggest black drum ever caught was recorded at a whopping 113lbs (51kg for the metric folk out there). I can only imagine the fight that a fish that big would produce!

Black drum fishing video
This is certainly an amateur video and it is quite short, but it certainly captures the charm of these wonderful fish. Enjoy.