Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to Bridle Rig a Live Bait.

Bridle rigging a bait is one of the most popular methods of rigging a live or dead bait. It is a method most often used for trolling for large game fish like marlin and sailfish, but can also be used for live baiting from a drifting or anchored boat.

Bridle Rigging is a popular method of hooking a live bait because the baits can swim naturally and often live for much longer than other rigging methods. As this method requires a needle through the eye socket of the fish it is considered a slightly gruesome method of attaching a bait by some people. This has lead to the common occurrence of hooking the bait through the tough "nose" area in front of the eye.

This technique also works well for rigging skipping dead baits for trolling. This method can be used with any small baitfish, but is generally used on large baits (skipjack tuna) for slow trolling for big fish!

How to Bridle Rig a bait

You will need:

  • A hook (circle hooks are best)
  • A rubber band
  • A bait needle
The following video shows the correct technique


cool_water said...

OWWWWWHHHH! I pity the mackerel, instead. Never seen Dad did that way, rigging a live (kicking mackerel) bait. But then, it was an awesome work.