Monday, June 30, 2008

How to pitch cast with a spinning rod

I love fishing with spinning rods, they are easier to use than any other type of reel and great for beginners. Lets face it not everyone enjoys fishing with a baitcaster and even though a spinning reel is not quite as accurate with some simple tips you can make it work for you.

Many anglers believe that accurate pitching (or pitch casting) can only be achieved with a good quality baitcaster. However, this is not the case and there are a couple of very successful anglers with killer pitching techniques for spinning reels. Pitch casting is very useful for fishing in close quarters especially when there is cover overhead or to the side of where you are casting from or casting to (such as casting under a dock or a tree). It is also a useful method of casting in the shallows when you do not wish to spook the fish.

How to pitch cast
The technique for pitch casting with a spinning rod is not difficult, but does require a bit of practice. Set up a target in the backyard or local park about 20 feet away and practice casting to it.
The following video shows a very popular, and effective, pitch casting technique.