Sunday, June 8, 2008

San Diego Jam Knot - (Reverse Clinch Knot)

The San Diego Jam Knot (also called the reverse clinch knot or Heiliger knot) is one of the lesser known fishing knots, but is still a handy knot to have written down or in your memory. As suggested by the name the knot was made popular in San Diego and was, and still is, often used for tuna.

This knot has become quite popular again recently as more and more anglers use braided fishing line. This knot is known to retain up to 95% of the actual breaking strain in braided lines when tied correctly. The other advantages of this knot is that it is quick to tie and can be tied with a variety of different line strengths and materials.

This amazing strength of this knot can be increased by tying with a double to form the commonly called the double San Diego Jam Knot.

How to tie the San Diego Jam Knot

How to tie the Double San Diego Jam Knot


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