Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to fillet a fish (with video)

I have been trying to find a really useful and good quality fish filleting video to show my readers for ages now and I had almost given up. This video is not fantastic quality, but is probably the most complete and easy method to fillet a fish that I could find on the Internet.

Like the guy in the video suggests, if you are only going to be cooking the fillets (without skin) there is no reason to go through the less desirable processes of scaling, gutting or removing the gills. This makes this method much less icky for people who are new to filleting or are simply a little squeamish.

All you will need to this method is some newspaper to keep the bench clean, a clean plate and a sharp (it must be sharp) filleting knife. If your filleting knife is a blunt and don't know how to sharpen it your local butcher will do it for you (if you ask nicely).

How to fillet a fish

This method can be used for most types of fish.


Ocean Slayer said...

very informative video on fillet a fish...

Tom said...

Thanks. It was the best I could find and it think it demonstrates a good method for beginners and experienced filleters alike