Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday Fishing Report #2

This post took quite a while to come together as I have unfortunately had one of those weekends. A stomach bug and a blocked drainage system have kept me very busy.

I managed to get out for a fish on Friday as planned and took a couple of visitors out fishing with my old man who also had the day off. We hit the water fairly early and lost a couple of big fish (with big teeth) within about 10 minutes of anchoring on one of our favorite wrecks. With only a slow stream of little fish coming over the side and the wind picking up we moved to a sheltered reef where I managed to land a couple of nice fish. The wind was really picking up by then and the visitors had to be on the road so we called it a day. Unfortunately our boat ramp is quite exposed and we had a really difficult time retrieving the boat and my poor weekend started there.

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