Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amazon Piranha Fishing - Video

Piranha are, arguably, one of the most well known fish in the world. There is such mystery and folklaw attached to these fish they probably have more false stories circulating about them than true stories. I am sure you have heard stories of these man eating fish tearing shreds off swimmers and overtured ferries with packs of piranhas eating everyone that doesn't get out of the water fast enough. These stories make good Hollywood movies, but they are far from the truth as they are generally non violent.

There are about about 33 species of piranha (no one really knows exactly) and most make for very good fishing and eating. They respond aggressively to lures and flies and will attack a bait hard. In the following video the anglers use meat for bait and the piranha just love it. I love the old school fishing rods (or trees should I say?). It is well worth a watch.

This video also shows how to cook, clean and fillet a piranha which might be useful for someone I guess - enjoy.



MMMMMM tasty piranha... I also run a fishing blog with some cool fish related videos, if you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think!

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Kristine said...

o.k., have to say I never though about eating a piranha. I've thought about them eating me a time or two though.