Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cleat Hitch - Boating Knots (with video)

The Cleat Hitch is an essential knot for all boaters to learn. This knot is used to attach your boat to the dock and if you want the boat to stay in place (which is pretty important when you think about it!) the cleat hitch is the knot you will want to use. It is strong, easy to tie, and even more importantly, easy to untie for when you want to leave the dock. Most, if not all, boaters will use this knot and if you are new to the boating scene make sure you have a practice run or two before leaving the dock.

Many boaters also use the cleat hitch to attach the anchor rope to the cleat on the boat, but personally I feel that there are better knots for this situation.

The video gives a very good demonstration on this important boating knot and is quite easy to follow.

I am planning on adding more boating knots in the future and if you found this post useful or want to make a suggestion please leave a comment.


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