Monday, August 11, 2008

Reef Fishing Video - Insane Action in Australia

This video is definitely amateur and it's noisy, but this fishing video shows some of the most insane reef fishing action that has ever been captured. It sounds a bit like my boat when the fish go off - I am known for being a little bit noisy myself (OK a lot noisy!) Congrats to the boys on the boat - it looks like so much fun! Apparently many fish were released, which is also great to hear.

This video was filmed on the great barrier reef and is fairly typical of the reef fishing available on the largest reef in the world. It really is a great fishing destination and all serious anglers should get there at least once in their lives. There are many fishing options available including everything from the ever popular reef fishing to serious sport fishing for grandeur marlin!

I really enjoy reef fishing, probably because the fish hold all the cards early in the fight and because you never know what you are going to pull up. The reef is also home to some of the best eating fish available! I hope you enjoy this great little video.