Monday, August 18, 2008

Boat Sinks - caught on video

Watching your boat sink must be up there with the worst things that can happen to an boater. In my many years of owning a boat I have only ever once been afraid that it was going to happen to me.

We had taken a couple of older friends out fishing in the usual calm weather we experience, but for some reason on this day the wind decided to spring up quickly from an unusual direction. We made it back to the ramp, but the waves were considerable and we quickly found ourselves washed onto the ramp with water coming over the back and no way to move the boat off the ramp. As I watched the water continue to flood the boat (it was actually so full that it was coming back out) I thought that this was the end of the boat! Fortunately a couple of young lads helped us out and managed to muscle the boat up the ramp where it was drained and put onto the trailer.

This video shows the sad end to a great boat. I haven't been able to find much info about what happened, but the whatever happened to the pink mullet it wasn't good! This is a very useful demonstration of the way smallish trailer boats sink and a must watch for anyone who wants to know.


Holli said...

It was my boat. A stringer went through the hull and the bilge pump went out as we were heading in. We had some friends fishing near by so we got everyone & everything off the boat.

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