Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Downloadable Fishing Games Guide

Fishing games can be a popular way of passing the time when the weather turns bad, you can't get on the water or you just want something to do in your free time at work - sorry boss! I myself have even been known to play fishing games on the odd (often) occasion!

There are many online fishing games that can be played directly through your web browser (generally flash games) or downloaded onto your computer and installed (like regular programs). There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of games such as availability, quality of the games, accessibility and more.

Online fishing games
Generally online flash games are simple games that are fun for a short time. They can be played with a mouse and are usually defined by their simple game play. However, these quick, easy games can be quite fun and addictive and are well worth a look. Another great advantage of online fishing games is that there are many available and they are easy to find with a quick web search. While doing the research of this post I found heaps of these games and some are really fun - and best of all free!

Downloadable Fishing Games
There are many downloadable fishing games available although there are less of these than online games. These games tend to be of better quality than the other variety, but most of them are only available as free trials with limited features (called demos) before you are asked to pay. However, there are some great free fishing games worth a look such as big mouth bass 3D and others.