Monday, August 25, 2008

Strangest fishing baits

A while ago I was looking around my favorite fishing forum and I found a thread dedicated to strange fishing bait people had used (or seen used). I was quite surprised by the number of non traditional baits that people have tried and just how successful they were.

I know in England it is normal to use Luncheon Meat (Tinned Ham) for carp and catfish, in some parts of Australia anglers regularly use chicken for bream and some Americans use only their hands to catch catfish - see catfish noodling!

I have also heard of potato, red meat and cheese being used as baits to varying degrees of success (although the health problems associated with fish and cheese should be considered). There was even a story in my local paper where two Greek anglers were pouring ouzo on their baits with extraordinary results.

What I want to know is have you ever tried a weird fishing bait and if so what were your results? Please leave a comment!


Kristine said...

We tried pieces of hotdog once. We didn't catch any fish, but we did attract some little white crabs.

Tom said...

I have heard of hotdogs being used quite successfully for crawfish.

I caught a small fish on a piece of ham once so meat does certainly work to some degree. I wonder what all those preservatives do to the fish!

Venice Charters said...

I've actually used corn before.