Sunday, August 24, 2008

A bad days fishing is still a bad day

I must still be in a bit of a tizz over my blog disappearing from google and receiving very few visitors (sorry about that).

Sometimes it feels like all the bad days that you have avoided catch up with you all at once. I am sure you know what I am talking about. On these days it feels like you could win the lottery, but you would lose the ticket or maybe eat at the nicest restaurant only to be the only one that ordered the oysters and get food poisoning.

Sometimes these bad days even spread over to your fishing experiences. You might leave the bungs (plugs) out of the boat (guilty), forget the bait (guilty), forget to tie the anchor down to the boat (not guilty) or even worse.

This video shows what can happen when that "even worse" occurs. This video is entitled "how to ruin a Saturday" and just makes me want to cry for the guy!