Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fishing at the olympics

It is safe to say the most of the world is in Olympics mode (I have even noticed a drop in visitor numbers to this site!) So while the blog is a little deserted I thought I would put up my arguments for and against about fishing being included as an Olympic sport!


  • Most countries participate in the sport of fishing in some form.
  • It is a traditional and ancient sport.
  • Each Olympics could have a different target species.
  • It would raise awareness of angling and what anglers do to care for the environment.
  • It would encourage the continued growth of catch and release fishing.
  • Animal rights activists would be against it.
  • It doesn't make for great TV (this is debatable I guess).
  • Transporting all the necessary equipment to the Olympic country could be a chore (although it can't be much harder than transporting a horse or a drunk athlete!)
  • It isn't a traditional Olympic sport.

Hopefully the IOC is listening/reading to my thoughts and we will see fishing at the Olympics one day!

Of course this is all just a bit of fun, but feel free to tell me what you think - please leave a comment.


Andy Macgregor said...

Fishing in the Olympics could be here sooner than we think!

Tight Lines.

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vince said...

The Japanese are crazy into different types of fishing, not sure on the chinese, but fishing is a world wide sport. Not sure what type of tournaments, but bass would see most likely.