Friday, January 11, 2008

Holidays - (the ultimate fishing blog returns in one week)

Well that time of the year has come again - I am going on holidays. I am not leaving you completely and I will be back in a week, but if you really need an ultimate fishing blog fix I am going to leave you with the most popular posts of 2007.

1. How to cast a baitcaster reel
Yep these are really hard to master and I think that the number of page views to this post really proves that!

2. Fishing Knots and Rigs: Double Uni Knot
This is a great knot and I am glad that this information has been useful.

3. How to throw a cast net video
Almost as hard to master as a baitcaster and I think the amount of page views shows this!

4. Fishing Knots and Rigs: Snell Knot
I get heaps of visitors looking for knots and this is the second most popular.

5. Fishing Knots and Rigs: Bimini Twist

6. Fishing Tackle Review Berkley Gulp
People seem to like the tackle reviews: I have planned more for the future

7. Fishing Bloopers
Everyone likes funny fishing videos right?

I look forward to resuming most posting in a week.

If you have any favorite/memorable posts from this blog you would like to mention feel free to leave a comment.


Alex said...

I like your blog! I have one of my own also. I added you to my blogroll.
Keep up the good work! Don't slack off ;)

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