Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Barramundi in Florida? The fishing video to prove it.

When I first saw this I must admit I was a little (read a whole lot) surprised. Barramundi a native Aussie fish stocked in Florida? But I wasn't seeing things it seems as though the iconic Australian sportsfish has been stocked in Osceola County Florida and is thriving.

(You can read more about the barramundi from my barramundi sportsfish profile post)

The ones in the video seem to be very lean and are probably only a few months old at most. However, you can see the potential they have with some spectacular leaping and a fighting style that could pull most freshwater fish backwards. We stock barra in our dams and they achieve mammoth sizes very quickly (see below) and it wont be long before the ones in Florida are really worth catching.

Average Size Barra

Above average

Monster Barra

The Video Proof
I know some may not beleive me (I didn't beleive it myself at first) so here is the video. Enjoy the video and if you are in Florida get down to this lake and have a go at them - you wont be disappointed.