Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Striper Fishing Video (including filleting)

I saw my first striper (also called striped bass) in an Australian magazine that featured a local writer that had visited the US. From what I know they are a great success story and can be caught in many places that they did not originally habitat after translocation (please correct me if I am wrong). They put up a really great fight and are wonderful on the plate. Like many other species fishing for stripers is best at dusk and dawn. These great fish are definitely on the first page of fish I really want to catch.

This is a great video showing everything from catching stripers to cleaning and filleting them. It really is a must watch. Enjoy


Jon said...

Tom, those fish with the broken or wavy stripes on their sides, to me , look like Hybrid Bass. They are are a cross between true Striped Bass and White Bass, a fresh water fish, sometimes called "sandies" or Sand Bass up here in the States. They are terrific fighters and great table fare!

Tom said...

Thanks for the info Jon - I must admit I am less than an expert on the subject so it is good to have someone who knows more than me leave me some extra info. I did not know stripers could interbreed.