Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dirty grubby thieves (I want my fishing gear back)

I am grumpy, no scratch that, really really angry. Dad and I had planned a nice Australia Day holiday fishing trip all week. However, when I turned up Dads house today to prepare the boat (ie. tie all the rigs and make sure Dad has put the bungs in) I found out that all my Penn and Okuma rods and reels (some almost new) have been stolen - leaving me with only a couple of $20 supermarket special combos. So not only am I out of pocket for rods I can't really afford to re-buy at the moment - it's a holiday tomorrow so I can't get to the shops to replace the stolen rods anyway!!

So all that means - NO fishing tomorrow!!

Even worse is the feeling that someone grubby has been in your stuff and gone through your personal items - it really does feel like you have been violated! Not a happy Australia Day really! However, putting everything back in perspective I must say I live in a great country and have lots more than many others in the world.

If the person who stole my rods and reels ever reads this (and I doubt they will) make sure you look after the stuff - those rods and reels have many memories attached and I couldn't bear to have them lying on some pawn shop floor.

If you have had this kind of thing happen to you - or if you want to donate to my tackle restocking ;-) please leave a comment

I promise tomorrow will be a happier post


Gold coast deep sea fishing said...

sorry to hear about your loss, i hate low life thieving scumbags.