Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snapper Fishing in Port Philip Bay

This video is from where I spent my holidays - unfortunately for me I wasn't on the water fishing. The southern half of this country has some great fish even after years of overfishing and environmental vandalism. Currently Port Philip Bay is about to undergo some serious channel dredging to make way for mammoth cargo ships, which has anglers very unhappy. Apparently dredging will even occur where coral is growing, which seems like a really stupid thing to me!

If you are interested in reading more about the channel dredging you can find it here
Coalition against the channel dredging

You can also voice your discontent here - take action say no to dredging

Anyway enough of the politics - enjoy the video


Jon said...

Good fishing video! How big was that "offshore" fishing boat you were in?

Tom said...

Unfortunately for me that is not my video, but when I was watching it I also marveled at the small tinny on the open bay waters!

Ron said...

Yeah, amazing that tiny reel and rod combination on open water. 3.5kg snapper on that thing....should be great fun fighting with the fish.

I am from Sandakan, North Borneo. I caught a lot of snappers here too on the SULU sea.