Sunday, January 20, 2008

The ultimate fishing blog is back

Well after one week away on holidays I am back feeling refreshed and ready to blog. I have heaps of great stuff planned for this year including more knots, recipes and tackle reviews. I am going to continue my routine of one new post a day so that all of my readers have something new each day they visit.

If you have any ideas or thing you would like to see please leave a comment.

If anyone is interested I had a really good holiday (no fishing though!)


Jon said...

You were gone 1 week, I was gone for 2 months with family medical problems.

I like your "stuff", keep blogging!

Isn't today 23 January, a special day in Australia?

Tom said...

Thanks for your comment sorry to hear about the family medical problems - I'm glad you enjoyed your time here.

As for the 23rd you are almost correct - Australia day is the 26th (with the holiday falling on the 28th this year). I don't think you will need much of a guess of how I will be spending it - Fishing!!