Friday, January 25, 2008

Electric fishing reel - action video included

Technology is forever changing and being upgraded - for instance the CD is almost dead and DVD's are slowly going the way of the buffalo. Now after saying all that I don't think that the electric fishing reel is going to overthrow the "normal" fishing reel I think that it is one of the truly great inventions. It means that disabled people have much better access to fishing and it will certainly be useful for deep sea bottom bouncing and jigging. I have seen one of these reels in action first hand and was used by my mate with one arm after a mining accident - a truly amazing piece of equipment. The battery packs that these reels need are getting smaller and smaller all the time and are light enough to clip onto your belt.

I found a video to show you what I am talking about - it is obviously advertising material, but I think that it demonstrates the idea perfectly.