Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fishing Knots and Rigs - Bimini Twist

A Bimini twist creates a loop at the end of the line in which it is tied, which can then be used to attach a wind-on-leader. The Bimini twist loop is famous for being stronger than the line itself. It is one of the rare knots that does not weaken the line in which it is tied.

The Bimini twist is usually known as an advanced fishing knot, but once it is practiced it becomes much easier and is a very important fishing knot to know.

Most people have advised that the more turns the better and commonly 20-30 turns is used. However, in recent testing by a popular Australian fishing magazine it is suggested that only 12 turns is the strongest combination!

I am presenting these knot tying instructions as a video and as a picture. This will hopefully help you tie a quality knot. Good Luck.

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