Thursday, September 13, 2007

Australian Sportsfish Profile - Australian Salmon

Australian Salmon are unrelated to the true Salmon of the Northern Hemisphere. They are also called salmont trout, bay trout, black backs, Kahawai and even Sambo. They are a salt water pelagic species that hunt bait in strong wave or current action close to the surface in the cooler and temperate regions of Australia and New Zealand. The Australian salmon is found in estuaries, harbours, bays, along beaches and rocky shorelines and also out on deeper reefs.

Fishing for them
Australian Salmon are a worthy angling target that often produces a high quality aerial display when hooked. They are a clean fighter and can be tamed on relatively light gear. Australian Salmon are most commonly taken on baits of fish flesh, whole pilchard, garfish on ganged hooks. They will also take prawns, squid and other beach fishing baits often used for different species. Large fish can be tempted with a live yellowtail or mullet. Australian Salmon like a moving bait and will often take a moving bait while an anchored bait goes untouched. For this reason lures are becoming a much more popular method of targeting this species. Surf poppers, metal slices and slugs, minnows, jigs, soft plastics, spoons, plugs and flies are all popular artificial baits for this species.

Eating Qualities
While there is no doubt that a skilled chef can make a great meal out of these the Australian Salmon is only a fair table fish. The flesh is often strong flavored and can be smoked like regular Salmon. Many anglers now release the Australian Salmon to allow someone else the enjoyment of catching this wonderful sportsfish!