Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fishing Knots and Rigs - The Polymer Knot

The polymer knot is reputed to be one of the best choices for tying braid (some braid manufactures even print the knot on their packets). However, testing has found the polymer knot proved mediocre in most braids, breaking from about 40 -70% of the line strength. In saying the though the polymer knot is still a great knot for monofilament and is one of the quickest knots to tie.

1. Double about 10 cm of line, and pass it through the eye of the hook.

2. Tie a simple Overhand Knot (granny knot) in the doubled line letting the hook hang loose. Avoid twisting the lines.

3. Pull the end of loop down, passing it over the hook.

4. Lubricate and pull both ends of the line to tighten the knot.