Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fishing Video of The Week - Dampier W.A.

This is a nice little video of guys from Dampier in Western Australia catching Golden Trevally and Queenfish on a jig. This was the area I grew up in and where I learned to love fishing so it has a special place for me. The Dampier Archipelago is one of the best fishing destinations I have had the pleasure to fish in. All the fish seem to be big and fight hard! Enjoy the video!


Jon said...

What a great film clip. Those fish never quit fighting!

Tom said...

Thanks Jon

I love catching these fish. Amazingly often people don't want to catch these fish because there are so many that are better to catch and eat. They are often overlooked for more popular fish, but we are spoiled for choice I guess. I wont complain however, more chance I will catch them!


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