Monday, September 17, 2007

Fishing Video of the Week - Snapper

This video focuses on one of my favourite fish to catch - snapper. These are the Australian and New Zealand snapper and are no relation to the snapper family of fishes from the northern hemisphere. In this video the guys are using snapper snatcher rigs - a specially made rig with fly type presentations on a circle hook. They are spicing these up with a little bit of bait and watching the fish hook themselves! They then go on to try these rigs with other fish and find that they work just as well. Enjoy!


Jon said...

Tom, great fishing video! We use circle hooks with live Croakers when we fish for Speckeled Trout (Weakfish) and Redfish (Channel Bass).

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. Circle hooks are really becoming very popular now will many forms of fishing. I must admit I was hesitant at first but now I love them!

Christo said...

Hi guys.
I try my best to release all fish caught unharmed. I fish for big garricks a lot and using the circle hooks I very rarely have a bad hookup
. That already gives the fish a much better chance at surviving.
Tight Lines

Tom said...

Yes you are right, circle hooks are great if you want to release fish unharmed because most of the time they make a lip hook up instead of a gut hook up!
They are a very impressive invention!