Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fishing Tips - How to cast a baitcaster reel

When I got my first baitcast combo it ended with yelling, tears and me making plans to pull off the baitcasting reel and replace it with a spinning reel. I would get tangles and birdsnests over and over - it was just too damn hard! Over the years though I have learned to cast these little reels and now I wouldn't be without one on my boat when short accurate casts are needed.

Noticing the amount of traffic entering this website looking for baitcaster casting instruction and tips I have posted a video that has some great baitcaster casting tips and instructions you can view it at the brand new post How to cast a baitcaster reel (part 2)

If you are like I was when I got my first baitcaster then you might need some help and luckily for you there are some great websites that helped me learn that I am going to share with you.

How to cast a baitcaster: - Basics in Bait Casting - Baitcasters for beginners

Ask an expert - Fishing: Baitcaster - Basic Baitcaster Reel Setup 101

Good luck with your endeavors and remember never give up (even if you hit your little sister with a cast and make her cry*)

*the author denies that this happened to him


Eagle Eyes said...

I looked at all the links. Good information.

P.S. I still want to cry!

Tom said...

Glad those links were some help too bad they don't guarantee prefect baitcasting!

Secretly I still get birdsnets 6 years after "mastering" the baitcaster.

Anonymous said...

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