Monday, November 12, 2007

Techniques for catching smallmouth bass (video - including underwater shots)

This is a video well worth watching even if you don't catch bass (or live 1000's of Km's from the nearest bass). The video shows a technique that is deadly on many fish species - salt and freshwater.

Erratic movement of lures has often been used to create a frenzy and get a fish to bite and this video displays the technique perfectly. I have personally used the technique on many saltwater species in Australia and have found that predatory fish will almost always respond better to this technique when in feeding mode, but it still works when the fish are shut down. When fish are shut down I think sometimes they are just biting the little fish as a warning to get out of the area. Used correctly the erratic technique can "annoy" a fish into biting!

It is worth noting that erratic movement, like a big blooping popper, can tease the fish ready for someone with a fly rod or soft plastic to actually catch it - good luck finding a friend to tease the fish for you while you catch them though :-)

Enjoy this great little movie!