Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to launch a boat (without making anyone mad)

Ramp rage, as we call in in oz, is well an truly arrive at some of the popular boat ramps around the country. I have heard of stories from entirely different ends of the spectrum.

Firstly the good where people help out new boaties by showing them what to do and helping them launch.

And then the bad where people have thrown sinkers, punches and been thrown into jail over a slow launch or cutting into the waiting line.

The best thing we can all do is be patient with the new people on the ramps and give them a hand making sure they know what to do. We were all new at the boating game once. That extra 5 minutes is probably not going to mean you miss the fish of a lifetime.

This little video gives a couple of tips that are worth watching intertwined with a story about a slow boatie. Enjoy.


Kristine said...

I've witnessed ramp rage in the past. It's not pretty.

I think you're right. The extra five minutes you take to help someone isn't likely to make you miss the fish you want to catch.

Sometimes I think we all could do with a bit more patience.