Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fishing Knots and Rigs - Double Uni Knot

Sometimes called the uni to uni knot, the double uni knot is a fantastic knot for joining two lines together and can be used for lines with different diameter. Nowadays this knot is commonly tied between braid and a leader line (mono or fluorocarbon) and you must always increase the number of turns in the braid section of this knot and lubricate well to avoid chafing.

1. Overlap the two lines for about 15 cm. Using one end of the line, form a circle that overlaps both lines.

2. Pass the end six to eight times around the two lines (more can be used for braid).

3. Lubricate and pull the tag end tight to form the first knot.

4. Repeat the process using the end of the other line.

5. Lubricate and pull both lines to slide the two knots together.


Eagle Eyes said...

Thanks for the knot tying instructions. It doesn't hurt to remind everyone that the knot is the link to catching any substantial fish. Nice blog!

Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. I can certainly give first hand advice on how important quality knots are. I lost an estimated 25kg Spanish Mackeral to a dodgy knot and I have never forgiven myself!
I am glad you enjoyed your time here.