Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fishing Knots and Rigs - The Uni Knot

This is a favourite knot of mine and is best tied in monofilament and flurocarbon line. It is a very adaptable knot and can be used for attaching terminal tackle and is often used for attaching leader to line. It is reputed to retain strength fairly well, but when joining line to line the strength can be cut in half.

1. Pass 12cm of line through the eye of the hook. Create a loop and pass the line under the loop.

2. Make five loops over the doubled part of the loop (more for braid).

3. Pull the tag end (free end) to form a knot.

4. Lubricate and tighten until the knot forms at the eye of hook or swivel.

Note: when using fluorocarbon leader be sure to lubricate very well or the friction will weaken the knot.