Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to throw a cast net (video)

I remember my first cast net a a few years ago. Literally hours spent in the back yard, swearing each time the damn thing didn't do what it was supposed to until I finally got it right. It looks easy right, but just wait until you have your first go at it!

I thought that to help people out I would post a couple of videos that show various techniques so you can learn how to throw a cast net. For what it's worth the second video is the technique that I use and it took me about 10 hours (and about 600 swear words) to learn really well.

My Tips for throwing a cast net (so you don't end up swearing and the net doesn't end up in the bin):

  • If you can't get it right don't change everything at once. Make little adjustments to what you are doing and note when the net spread it is getting better (or worse).
  • Don't be afraid to ask around for a demonstration.
  • Remember that it will take some time and don't give up.
I really hope this video helps people out because throwing a cast net for the first time can be a very traumatic experience!

Good Luck