Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fishing Video of the week - Carp

In Australia these fish are an introduced pest. They have taking over the native waterways, muddying up the rivers and basically making it hard for the Australian freshwater sportsfish. They are causing so much trouble that it is illegal to return a carp to the water dead or alive. A carp fertilizer has now been developed called "Charlie carp" which puts the dead fish to good use. They were introduced originally to make Australia seem more European and they have also been introduced into our rivers by well meaning pet owners who could no longer care for their fish.

From what I understand the problem also exists in the United States and I would love to hear more about it.

However, after saying all that, carp are a popular angling target in Europe and they grow mighty big and put up a very strong fight. This great video is for all those people that like to catch carp.


Jon said...

Another good flick! Carp are great sport with a bow and arrow! Near my hometown, Houston, Texas, Asian Grass Carp, that were supposedly sterile, were introduced into Lake Conroe to control a non native grass. After 5 years they had taken over the lake, eaten all of the grass and ruined the Largemouth Bass fishing.

Gareth said...

Yes carp are certainly a fascinating fish to target, and the sport is huge in Europe. I help run a UK based Carp Fishing holiday firm and we the holidays have proved very popular.
Carp were also an introduced species to Europe by monk for food, due to their fast growth rates. They now populate most river, canal and lake systems across the continent and even some estuary areas.
You can check out my blog too on

Gold coast deep sea fishing said...

Excellent video, i caught many carp as a kid growing up on the Nepean river NSW Australia, yes they are an introduced pest here in Australia but they are great fun to catch, I eradicated my fair share too.

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