Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ice Fishing Knots

Like all forms of fishing ice fishing requires strong knots that can handle the tough conditions they will be put through. Choosing the correct knots for ice fishing depends on the line you are using. Contrary to popular belief you do not need a special type of line for this form of fishing either monofilament or braided fishing line will work well with a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader to withstand any abrasion.

Ice fishing knots

Line to leader
There are many good knots for this situation and the knots listed below work equally well with monofilament or braid. Just remember to add some extra turns if using braid.

Albright knot
This knot works well joining lines of very different diameters. You can find instructions (and a video) for this knot at my earlier post - how to tie an albright knot.

Uni to Uni (Double Uni) Knot
This knot is my personal favorite for joining my line to my leader. It is easy to tie, but still retains its strength. You can find instructions for this knot at my earlier post - how to tie a double uni knot.

Leader to hook (and other terminal tackle)

Improved Clinch Knot
This knot works well with mono and braid lines (increase turns when tying in braid). It is simple to tie and sufficiently strong for most situations. You will find the instructions for this knot at the post how to tie an improved clinch knot.

Jansik Knot
One of the most popular ice fishing knots the jansik knot is easy to tie and has one of the strongest knots strengths when tied correctly. I have not tested it with braided line. You will find instructions for the Jansik knot here.

Uni Knot
Another popular method of joining the leader to a hook is the uni knot. You can find instructions for the uni knot at the post how to tie a uni knot.

Advanced knots
Although the need for advanced knots when ice fishing is rare. There are a couple of advanced leader knots that may be useful.
Bimini Twist
Bristol Knot

I hope this little post has helped you out. If you would like to see any knots that aren't on the list (or think I have made a glaring omission) feel free to leave a comment.