Friday, March 7, 2008

Angler fish facts

I first saw an angler fish in the Iron Chef "angler fish battle" or was it Finding Nemo - I can't remember now, but it is one weird looking fish. However, angler fish are one of those weird creatures that seem to capture everyones imagination. It's weird looking, a little scary and apparently the liver is the only part worth eating (according to the Japanese anyway).

Angler fish facts

  • The angler fish is so named because of its strange method of catching prey. They dangle and wiggle a filament attached to their head (see the angler fish pictures below) to look like prey and attract small fish. When these fish get close enough the angler fish swallows them whole. Their jaws are actually controlled by an automatic reflex when their is contact with their tentacle.
  • Angler fish are deep sea fish by nature and are found worldwide.
  • There are many different species of angler fish - some are pelagic, while others remain on the bottom of the ocean floor.
  • In Japan the liver of the angler fish is worth approximately $100US while a whole fish will set you back about $150
  • Some angler fish have arm-like pectoral fins that they use to walk along the ocean floor
Angler Fish Pictures

There are many species of angler fish and some are very difficult to photograph because of the lack of light in the deep parts of the ocean they live. However, there have been some really great photographs of angler fish captured.

My personal favorite picture

Scary looking isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

This is great information, keep it coming.


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pop said...

These imformation is not helpful

mancing gembira said...

what they do with angler fish liver? Why is it so expensive?

Sarah said...

I'm writing a report on angler fish. This info really helped. Thanks.

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