Sunday, March 9, 2008

How to fish swimbaits

Fishing for bass, and other species, with swimbaits is becoming increasingly popular. Fishing with large swimbaits has become one of the most popular methods of catching very big aggressive bass especially during the spawning season.

Choosing a swimbait
Swimbaits vary greatly is sizes, colors and design. You can find tiny shad, crappie, and bluegill imitations to huge 12" trout swimbaits that will run very deep. Just like the fly fishing saying it is best to "match the hatch" and choose a swimbait that resembles what the bass are feeding on at the time. For really big bass during spawning try a large trout swimbait.

When to fish swimbaits?
Simbaits can be fish all throughout the year with some success, but they seem to be very popular between
January and May in the pre and post spawn.

How to fish swimbaits?
Fish swimbaits around structure and when during spawning near spawning areas. Top areas include main lake and secondary points, along deep or inside grass lines, and along creek channels running through spawning flats.

When fishing around wood cover, run your lure into stumps and through laydowns, pausing momentarily after making contact with the cover. Most bass will hit either on the pause or once the bait starts up again. In grass, make sure you’re getting your bait deep enough to tick the top of the grass. When your lure starts to snag, give it a sharp snap. Many of your bites will come as the swimbait rips free. (thanks to for this info)

As with all forms of fishing experimentation is the key. Work likely areas until you discover a pattern and replicate your success.

Rigging a swimbait
This video shows the basic rigging method, but there are many variations. You local tackle shop should be able to show you all the variants of this method.