Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tackle shop addiction

Today was my once monthly tackle shop expedition and I am ashamed to say I visited 5 tackle shops and spent far too much money. Luckily my wife is a fairly keen angler and is supportive of my fishing habit (or should I say addiction). We trolled through the shops looking at all the latest and greatest bits and pieces. I found a rail mount snap lock rod holder which is Aussie made and designed. It locks the rod into place while still allowing for quick release when the fish takes the line.

I also found a great fishing chair, which should make it easier on my back when I am shore fishing. There really is nothing like a great fishing chair for a long day sitting by the waters edge.

Like always I spent heaps of time looking at the new range of lures including the new Berkley Gulp colors and sizes that I just had to have.

Do you have a tackle shop addiction? I would love to hear your stories - please leave a comment.


Mike Walleye said...

If you look at my Walleye fishing blog, you will realize that I also have some kind of "addiction". I attended a fishing fair this morning.

I like using new walleye lures and I watch every fishing TV show that is available here in the Montreal area ;)


Eagle Eyes said...

Oh, my gosh yes I am an addict. As I often say, an angler can never have enough "stuff."

Tom said...

Thanks for the comments. It is nice to know I am not the only one!

_nice_ said...

in my situation,addiction particularly I engage is being a green color lover.In which anything that captured by my eyes that has a color green will gonna' get my attention.I am really obsessed with the color green.Addicted of color green!