Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to attach a boat anchor (with video)

Surprisingly, even to me, I have written about attaching a boat anchor to the boat before. However, I get many requests each week for a post about this and it is about time I addressed this topic.

Attaching the anchor rope to the boat
The most important consideration when attaching your anchor to the boat is to make sure that you are using a secure and strong knot. I have heard countless stories of people attaching their anchor with a single overhand knot (or granny knot as we call them), or even worse not attaching it at all, and throwing it overboard. These stories usually end with someone diving after the anchor rope and finally in tears!

The anchor bend knot is my choice for attaching the anchor to the boat. It is a strong and very secure knot, but is surprisingly easy to tie. This knot can also be used for attaching the anchor rope to the anchor chain (or directly to the anchor in emergencies).

Instructional Video

I hope this little post was helpful.


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