Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fish finders for kayaks

Fishing from kayaks is becoming quite a popular pastime. Even where I live I have seen people in ocean going kayaks going out to the close inshore reefs. That might not seem like such a big thing, but I live in an area famous for big crocodile attacks. Anyway onto todays topic...

Fish finders for kayaks
Fish finders for kayaks are really not much different than fish finders for boats. The main difference being that space is a premium and you will probably want a slimmer receiving and sending unit. Any portable fish finder will work as well as any streamlined boat model. However, make sure the model you purchase is usable with a portable re-chargeable battery.

Choosing a fish finder for your kayak
Select a model with as many pixels as possible for better definition. Spending a few extra dollars in this area can make a lot of difference. A cone angle of 20 degrees will be perfectly adequate. The power of the fishfinder is not really a concern when fishing from a kayak unless you are planning on exploring over 200 feet of water. Transducer selection is very easy with a kayak and the model provided with the unit will be perfectly usable, even through the kayaks hull.

Installing the fishfinder transponder on kayak (transducer)
I am not an expert in this area and there are already some very good resources in this area. It doesn't look overly simple, but most people should be able to follow the guide through. Here are some great resources:

Sonar install for a kayak

Video of kayak sonar installation


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