Monday, March 3, 2008

Fishing Lure Earrings

Fishing lure earrings are exactly what you would imagine them to be, either lures that have been turned into earrings or specially made for the purpose. They are certainly a fashion statement and while not everyone can pull them off they can certainly work for some people.

My wife has a pair and wears them when we go fishing or as a talking point at various events. She even caught me looking at her ear one day when I had forgotten my spare lure box, but quickly shut me down with a "don't even think about it."

I am not really sure where you can get them from (if you know please leave a comment). I think my wife got them from our local jeweler, but we do live in a fishing crazy town. I saw a set of spinnerbait earrings on ebay the other day, which were so cool and this was the catalyst for this post.

There are more and more women getting into the sport of fishing and as this number grows you can expect to see more accessories targeting this market. Lately I have noticed more pink fishing rods than ever before and I read that one of the major tackle companies are donating some of the profits from these rods to breast cancer research, which is really great to hear.

Here are some of the cooler ones I found while searching the net:

I love these ones apparently they are "fun and waterproof" :-)


Mike Walleye said...

Amazing fishing gadgets! I can't imagine my wife wearing the float earing to go to work to the bank in the morning ;) I'm quite sure that "fishing hearing" is a niche and those keywords will bring you a lot of traffic!!!

Don't worry, I will be back since I added your site on my walleye fishing blogroll.


Tom said...

Thanks for the comment. I am not sure about "fishing hearing" being a niche though ;-)

Nice blog you have too!

Mike Walleye said...

I just updated my fishing template on my fishing blog. Your blog is now part of the blogroll.


Julie said...

I love to fish but I'm not sure if I'd wear the earrings...maybe the fly ones. They're kinda cool. I also make jewelry so maybe I'll make a fishing bracelet or something. ha ha