Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to cast a fly rod (with video)

Fly fishing is a rewarding way of fishing and even though I am not much good at it I still enjoy my time spent with fly rod in hand. Learning to cast a fly rod is probably one of the hardest learning curves in fishing and I certainly had (or should that be have) my fair share of difficulties. Fortunately these days learning to cast a fly rod is made easier with the Internet and I am going to share the resources that have helped me.

How to cast a fly rod

The Overhand cast (back cast)
The overhand cast is the basic fly fishing cast. It is used to pick your fly line up off the water and reposition your fly on a different target.

The Roll Cast
The roll cast is useful when obstacles behind an angler prevent a normal backcast. This instructional video shows the roll cast:

Fly fishing casting guides and resources
Basic casting technique
Roll Cast
Overhand Cast

There are many more advanced casting techniques and tips that you may want to eventually learn, but this information should help get you started in the wonderful world of fly fishing!