Monday, February 11, 2008

Ways to throw a cast net (with videos)

In part one of how to throw a cast net I posted 2 videos of the best methods I have found, but during my daily youtube wanderings I actually found some other methods that you might like to give a go. They are all worth trying out and if you want to practice I would recommend doing the following:

1. Make sure you are feeling really calm
2. Watch one video noting the key points of the instruction and write them down!
3. Find a grassy space with plenty of room for swinging and throwing
4. Practice following the technique you have chosen remembering all the key points.
5. Don't give up on one technique too quickly - it takes some time. If you really cant get it try another technique
6. Write down every revelation you have when your casts are getting better so you don't forget what you did differently.
7. When you get it right make sure you can replicate the results over and over.

Good luck with your cast net throwing and I hope you have an easier experience learning than I did!


Anonymous said...

If two or more fishermen are working and area with cast nets trying to catch bait....what is the etiquette between the casters.
1) Does the first caster there have exclusive access to a lighted area?
2) If you are casting around wave close does one get to another caster?
3) Does the second caster cut in front of a caster moving forward in an established path?
4) Does more than one caster scare away fish for other casters?
5) Do professional guides or locals have priority over others?

Tom said...

Thanks for your comment. There are some really great questions. I think I will write a post about this at some stage.

Suffice to say that in every fishing situation you should give the person already in position some space and try to work around them without disturbing them. If in doubt it doesn't hurt to ask the person who is already casting if it is ok to use the same area.

I hope that helps.